Quicksilver Mining and Uses

Quicksilver or Mercury is the only liquid metallic element at room temperature. This element is used in various industries and equipments. Some companies sell quicksilver to certain parties that use this metallic element in their industry. Trading quicksilver must be done with care since this metallic element can dissolve other metals. Iron is the only metal that cannot be dissolved by Quicksilver. That’s why those who sell liquid mercury put this element in an iron flask. Since mercury can dissolve metals, transporting this metal via airplane is not allowed.

Mercury mining

Quicksilver is a very rare material. Some mercury mining in the world have been closed because the mercury has been completely mined out. Nowadays, the top mercury producer is China. In mining the mercury, miners extracted this element from cinnabar. They heat the cinnabar in a current of air. After that, they condense the vapor.

Quicksilver Mining and Uses
Mining mercury is a high risk activity. Both the workers and the environment can be affected with negative impact of the mining activities. The workers are in danger of getting mercury poisoning. Prolonged mercury exposure can cause sleep disturbance, impaired cognitive skill, and tremors. Because of the risk, prisoners were asked to perform the mercury extraction. Meanwhile, mercury mining can cause ecological damage. Since this metallic liquid element is highly toxic. That means that companies who sell pure mercury must handle it with extra care.

The uses of mercury

Mercury is used in thermometer, fluorescent lamps, barometers, float valves, manometers, and other equipments. In the past, quicksilver is used in certain medicines. However, since it is highly toxic, the use of this element in medicine has been reduced. Nowadays, clinics and hospital no longer use thermometer with quicksilver in it. However, mercury is still used by dentists to create dental amalgams.

Mercury is also used in cosmetic. It usually can be found in skin brightening products. Applying cosmetic products with mercury in it will damage the skin instead of making it healthy. Mercury can be found in mascara. These days, the number of cosmetic products has decreased especially in developed countries. These countries ban cosmetics which contain mercury.

Some companies sell pure virgin mercury to fluorescent lamps manufacturer. The manufacturer will then turn quicksilver into gaseous mercury. It is then use in making those lamps. Fluorescent lamps are used in various purposes. Some of them are advertising signs, skin tanning, and disinfection. To kill germs, medical staffs use germicidal lamps.
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